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Bp Holdings Article Review : Hong Kong retail sales surge 10pc in January

5 Mar


January sales increase comes without usual Lunar New Year sales boost


Hong Kong’s total retail sales recorded a 10.5 per cent year-on-year increase to HK$47.7 billion in January, the government said on Monday.

This came despite a difference in timing of the Lunar New Year this year and last year.

The festive season, which traditionally sees vibrant business, fell in January last year, but in February this year. This means January’s increase came without the usual Lunar New Year sales boost.

After netting out the effect of price changes over the period, the increase in retail sales was 10.4 per cent.

In volume, miscellaneous sales of consumer durable goods – such as computers, musical instruments and medical goods – posted the largest increase, surging by 212.6 per cent.